Employee Orientation Training

October 10, 2018

Hello, I’m Rachel Wilson, and I’m one of the Marketing Interns for SPU Dining Services. I’m also a first-year student, so I’m experiencing the balance between school life and working on campus. Working for Dining Services allowed me to move in early, which jumpstarted my experience of moving away from home for the first time. Coming to SPU, I had so many expectations of how life in Seattle would be, and how great my college experience would be in such a diverse place like SPU. Seattle Pacific didn’t disappoint – my first two weeks here have been such a fun experience with friends, roommates, and co-workers, exploring the city and navigating college life. From late night ice cream runs in Ballard to rainy walks to The Wick, I know my time here will only get more spontaneous, fun and adventurous these next four years. 

That’s not to say the transition is always easy – move-in day was pretty hectic. Beyond the chaos of the first day, though, I feel grateful that I got to train with SPU Dining Services before the rest of campus arrived, so I could settle in and get to know my surroundings. My training experience for my position was really insightful, as I got to know the great people behind SPU Dining and learn about their stories. The SPU Dining staff made our training fun and interactive and allowed us to get to know each other as well. The biggest things that I took away from my training experience was the vitality of teamwork, and how much teamwork is valued in the strong community life here at SPU. 

I’m so excited to be here working with Seattle Pacific University and to be a part of the stories that make up SPU Dining Services. I’m ready to represent our department, but I also want to hear what the students of SPU want to see from Dining Services. From Gwinn comments to ideas for products to carry in the C-Store, I’m ready to hear the student’s voices on campus and translate them into the best possible dining experience SPU can provide.