Our Initiatives

Our team is dedicated to sustainability and are committed to creating a better tomorrow.  We know we can all work together to make a positive impact right here at Seattle Pacific University.  In addition to the many initiatives we take on as a company, we have implemented the following programs specific to Seattle Pacific University.

Food Recovery Verified


We are one of five chapters in Washington that is 2017-18 Food Recovery Verified! Thanks to the help of the SPU Food Recovery Network Club, we feed people and not landfills by donating excess food to Operation Sack Lunch and Tent City 3. This academic year, over 3,000 pounds of food was donated. If you are interested in joining a SPU recovery, please contact the SPU Food Recovery Network Club.

Local Suppliers

We are committed to purchase locally grown produce from growers in Washington whenever and wherever possible.  In 2018, we partnered with the Puget Sound Food Hub Coalition to purchase locally grown produce from six GAP certified farms and launched our Farm to Table series, where our guests can interact with local farms and taste our dishes incorporating their products. This year, our farm to table events featured Taylor Shellfish Farms, Ralph's Greenhouse & the Puget Sound Food Hub. Here are a few of the local farmers and businesses that supply Sodexo at Seattle Pacific University: 

  • Puget Sound Food Hub Coalition: Ralph's Greenhouse, VIVA Farms, Hopewell Farm, Cloud Mountain Farming Center, Bow  Hill Blueberries, and Sauk Farm
  • Yakima Valley Farms
  • Dairgold
  • Smith Co. Meats
  • Rainer Fruit Company
  • Valley Pride
  • Easterday Farms
  • Duck Produce
  • Starbucks
  • Flying Apron Bakery

Gold Class in SAM's Sustainability Yearbook 2019

Seattle Pacific Dining SAMFor the twelfth consecutive year, Sodexo was ranked as one of the most sustainable companies in the world by earning Gold Class distinction in SAM's Sustainability Yearbook 2019! Sodexo is a leader in the industry for its excellent sustainability performance scoring 75% compared to the industry average of 16%. SPU Dining Services is committed to the Better Tomorrow Plan by purchasing locally, serving sustainable, healthy, and balanced meal choices, reducing waste,  promoting an inclusive culture, promoting growth, & more! 


In 2017-18, we recycled 800 gallons of cooking oil into biodiesel and 64 tons of cardboard! 


In 2017-18, we composted over 80 tons of material to Cedar Grove. In 2016, we introduced compostable to go ware at Cocina Del Sol, the C-Store, Bertona Street Pizza, Bertona Street Grill, and Gwinn Commons Dining Hall. 47% of our paper products are compostable and biodegradable.

Choose to Reuse in Gwinn Commons Dining Hall

Join our Choose to Reuse Program to take meals to go from Gwinn Commons Dining Hall. These containers are microwavable and reusable which helps us reduce waste in our dining hall.

SPU Dining's Lunch & Learn at the WA & OR Higher Education Sustainability Conference

Sodexo was one of the sponsors for the Washington & Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference held on February 26-27 in Seattle. Our Campus Executive Chef Chris Studtmann, presented a Lunch and Learn session showcasing Sodexo’s plant-forward initiatives and focus on community sourcing. In his presentation, he highlighted Sodexo’s Avant Garden program, Mushroom Blended Burger, support for local food systems including the Puget Sound Food Hub and Local Inland Northwest Co-Operative, and plant-based marketing strategies. During the presentation, guests enjoyed delicious plant-based appetizers amid a beautiful display of local produce. The plant-based menu, themed “Life of a Beet,” was created by Chris and SPU Executive Chef, Angela Shultz. They incorporated local and organic products while minimizing waste with a root to stem approach. After the lunch & learn, guests came up to Chef Chris and Angy asking for the recipes and how they could incorporate plant-based dining into their campus menu!


Since 2009, we have used trayless dining in Gwinn Commons Dining Hall to reduce the amount our waste, water and detergents used, and save energy. Every day, we save 450 gallons of water from being trayless!

Xprss Nap

Our napkins are made of 100% reclycled paper and our napkin dispensers encourages guests to take less napkins- meaning less waste!